Tuesday, December 1, 2009

oh where oh where are thou?

oh you're silly. the reason I'm not blogging is cause I'm VLOGGING at http://www.youtube.com/gaygod

I also uploaded a very important video there, and need your help to donate $20,000 effortlessly!



This is what we all need to do:

1. Go to http://www.socialvibe.com/vitaminangels
2. Do all the brand engagements on the page, each one done is a donation to the charity.
3. Sign up for Socialvibe.
4. Select Vitamin Angels as your cause.
5. Spread the word to your friends, and share the engagements.

1st place gets $15,000 donated to their charity.
2nd place gets $10,000 donated to their charity.
3rd place gets $5,000 donated to their charity.

All charities to reach the $2,500 goal get $2,500 from Socialvibe, leaving them with $5,000 for their charity!!!

and please repost this if you can!!!

You need to do the 6 activities on the page, then sign up/log in and you can select Vitamin Angels as your cause and do 20 more. You can also do them daily I believe!!! Come on and get active!!!

xoxo Matthew

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


NEW LAYOUT TIME!!! I have a big photoshoot tomorrow with Derek. Our friend Liz is shooting some amazing photos of us, and I plan on changing my myspace up a bit! I also need updated pictures with my new hair =P (well not so new anymore I guess...lol) but anywho Derek and I made a "goth Christmas" scene for the shoot:

I designed the stockings on the black web thing with the white spider web >_> It's fierce. Plus had to work without a fireplace, but I think it suits perfectly. The tree is white wrapped with pink lights! It also has black, purple, silver, skull, and nightmare before christmas ornaments! My favorite part of the whole tree is the star! Of course its not like one you've ever seen before since its a spider hanging down from a web from the ceiling onto the top of the tree. Of course after the photoshoot there should be a ton of better photos of it!

I'll keep you all posted!

xoxo Matthew


Read this little poem, I love it. No, I didn't write it

If i dont call you

[ Its because im waiting for you to call me ]

When i walk away from you mad

[ Follow me ]

When i stare at your mouth

[ Kiss me ]

When i push you or hit you

[ Grab me and dont let go ]

When i call you and say i cant sleep

[stay on the phone till i go to sleep]

When i start cussing at you

[ Kiss me and tell me you love me ]

When im quiet

[ Ask me whats wrong ]

When i ignore you

[ Give me your attention ]

When i pull away

[ Pull me back ]

When you see me at my worst

[ Tell me im beautiful ]

When you see me start crying

[ Hold me and tell me everything will be alright ]

When you see me walking

[ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ]

When im scared

[ Protect me ]

When i lay my head on your shoulder

[ Tilt my head up and kiss me ]

When i grab at your hands

[ Hold mine and play with my fingers ]

When i tease you

[ Tease me back and make me laugh ]

When i dont answer for a long time

[ reassure me that everything is okay ]

When i look at you with doubt

[ Back yourself up ]

When i say that i love you

[ I really do more than you could understand ]

When i bump into you

[ bump into me back and make me laugh ]

When i tell you a secret

[ keep it safe and untold ]

When i look at you in your eyes

[ dont look away until i do ]

When i miss you

[ im hurting inside ]

When you break my heart

[ the pain never really goes away ]

When i say its over

[ i still want you to be mine ]